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I really love to travel, I’ve been almost everywhere in Europe and I have visited Africa too, but my favorite trips are those in the United States. I’ve been in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Miami, Key West and in many of these places I have written some of the most beautiful pages of my books. Unfortunately, in this moment my resources are limited so I can’t translate into English my first novel, Darkness and Hope, but it is a project that I keep tight in my heart. One day I will go to Los Angeles with the English edition of my book to propose it to some film producer and the movie will be a sure success! In the meantime, I’m finishing the last two books of the trilogy and I’m planning the next trip to the United States (probably in Seattle!)
Darkness and Hope is a novel set in contemporary times in the United States (Idaho and Utah). The story is narrated in first person by the protagonist, Aura, an Italian girl who lives a tragic experience when fifteen: one evening, returning home with his childhood friend, she is attacked by a dark creature with human features. Aura survives thanks to the intervention of a stranger, while her friend is brutally murdered. Marked by grief, she move to California with the person who saved her life, a professor who became her mentor and gives her all his knowledge, revealing everything he knows about the existence of evil beings that hide among humans and teaching Aura how to fight them. Ten years later, the professor dies and she finds herself completely alone. Overwhelmed from a tangle of feelings of anger and bitterness, she moves on a journey without a destination from the California coast to the interior of the continent. Her fate will stop her in a diner in Preston, where she will meet fearsome enemies and unexpected friends. She will tighten new deep bonds which will unfreeze her lonely heart and overturn her certainties.

I was born in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, but my head was always somewhere else. Physically, my house is located in Valpolicella (Amarone area famous for its wine), but I live in every book I read, in places and spaces invisible to the human eye but real for me. Before I even learn to read, I loved books. I liked to flip through the pages, feel the texture under my fingers. I have read many different genres, but I’m an avid reader of fantasy novels, especially paranormal romance, urban fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi and steampunk. I’ve always loved the smell of freshly printed books, and keeping in my hands the copy of my book after having worked so hard it’s a feeling of overwhelming joy and satisfaction!
Currently I am very busy with the writing of the sequels “Sorrow and Devotion” and “Still death, still life” and with the promotion of Darkness and Hope, but I promise I will do my best to translate more contents from this blog. You can follow me on Facebook and Goodreads, check the page “Contatti” and feel free to contact me.
Thank you sooo much!
Yours, Angie

The sites In-Mondadori http://www.inmondadori.it/Darkness-and-hope-Ediz-Angela-Volpe/eai978886912007/, Ibs http://www.ibs.it/ser/serfat.asp?site=libri&xy=darkness+and+hope and Lafeltrinelli http://www.lafeltrinelli.it/libri/volpe-angela/darkness-and-hope-ediz-italiana/9788869120077 can send my book in foreign countries, check the conditions for your country.


Monday, November 10

First time in front of the cameras. Those electronic eyes are ruthless and frightening, especially when you consider that they are the eyes of thousands of people. The emotion was very strong and appearing natural seemed an insurmountable obstacle! Beyond this, be invited as a guest to the show “2 chiacchiere in cucina” on 7Gold channel was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to meet two great girls: Anna Martellato, journalist and presenter and Ilenia Bazzacco, finalist of Masterchef. The format of the program is cool and pleasant and I’m honored to be the host of the first episode.


Saturday, November 8

The publishing house Edizioni Creativa invited me to present Darkness and Hope to the Pisa Book Festival. It was truly inspiring to know colleagues and personalities from the world of publishing.

These two events have given me so much, personally and professionally and I bring home a lot of satisfaction and joy to have met so many knowledgeable people.
I’m working hard to give Darkness and Hope a chance to carve out its own niche in the hard world of publishing , but efforts are rewarded by the enthusiastic readers.
So first of all I thank all the people who have read and loved Darkness and Hope, who write to me and inspire me every day with their enthusiasm.
A huge thanks to Anna Martellato, Ilenia Bazzacco and the staff of 7Gold channel.
And last but not least Edizioni Creativa, Gianluca Ferrara and Matteo Pugliares who interviewed me at the Pisa Book Festival.
I am continuing to work to organize events, so stay updated by following the Facebook page of Darkness and Hope or the Events section of this web site / News.

Yours, Angie.


These picture are not a fake, they’ve been taken by a reader from Kyoto. Darkness and Hope is becoming international!








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